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Why Acupuncture?

Probably, today there is no person who has not heard anything about acupuncture at all. However, some say that this method is a sort of speculation and myth.

What acupuncture is?

It’s a very ancient branch of traditional Chinese medicine: it is more than two thousand years old. According to modern concepts, acupuncture dates back to the Neolithic. They say that Qi (pronounced as chee) energy continuously moves in the human body, and thanks to it, we live.

When the qi circulation is disturbing, the person is becoming ill. This practice of traditional medicine involves the impact of special needles on points located on the meridians – the lines of the body, through which the “vital energy” of qi is supposedly circulating. The introduction of needles into tissues and manipulations with them (rotation, pressure, heating, cooling) are designed to provide a therapeutic and analgesic effect.

Why is acupuncture becoming popular?

An ordinary doctor, when a patient comes to him with a problem, makes a diagnosis, based on it, prescribes treatment according to the developed protocols.  Drug treatment sometimes leads to allergies, damage to organs and nerves. But, the main thing is that everything that is not included in the protocols does not become an object of research. In Eastern practice, not the disease investigates, but the person himself as a whole. And the doctor himself becomes the acting healing agent, medicine. The point is not in a specific instrument, but in the interaction of a doctor and a patient. Thanks to this interaction, reflexologists relieve patients from different diseases.


Why does acupuncture work?

This is a tricky question. Some studies show that yes. For example, our American scientists have tested acupuncture on women with breast cancer: the first group of participants underwent a real acupuncture course, the second – a false one: it was not acupuncture points that were stimulated on it, but whatever. As a result, patients from the first group after six weeks reported that they were significantly better. But experts considered the result ‘vague’: that is, it is not clear why this method worked and whether it should be applied further. Most scientists believe that acupuncture works only as a ‘dramatized placebo’. By the way, the fact that acupuncture stimulates the production of endorphins, relieves pain and improves emotional states has been proven for sure.

Why is acupuncture good for you?

Today, our lifestyle is full of constant stress, irregular nutrition (with an unbearable amount of chemical food additives), lack of sleep, fatigue, which eventually leads to various diseases. Acupuncture represents a wide range of treatment for the following diseases:

  • diseases of the peripheral and central nervous system, neurological disorders, migraines, neuroses, insomnia and many other conditions, as well as during rehabilitation after injuries and strokes (neck pain, feet pain,
    knees pain etc);
  • it treats endocrine disorders (hypothyroidism, type II diabetes mellitus), gynecological diseases, infertility and manifestations of menopause, diseases of the digestive tract, genitourinary system and respiratory system, chronic pain;
  • it treats diseases of the cardiovascular system, and visual impairment. As well as obesity and to reduce nervous tension.

Modern medicine does not consider acupuncture as the only method of therapy; it is using it in connection with other methods of treatment: medications, physiotherapy, diet therapy, and in some cases – with surgery.

For more details, contact  the physical therapists in Advanced Medical Care, PLLC in Queens, NY. They do know why acupuncture works.

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