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Acupuncture for sciatica

Sciatica acupuncture origin

Acupuncture for sciatica is a kind of modern therapy, which implies the placing of particularly subtle needles under the epidermis at specific parts of the body. Generally, this type of conventional Chinese medicine is used by specialists to cure pain. According to Chinese medical practice, sciatic acupuncture is a method of counterbalancing the energy stream and life power, namely qi and chi, that are known to circulate in a human’s organism. Due to inserting the needles into the peculiar dots on the body, people are believed to improve their energy flux and find the balance between physical and mental health. 

Contrary to this, a lot of professionals from the west claim that acupuncture points for sciatica are the area which induce nerve endings and muscles. Others prefer the idea that this technique enhances a patient’s pain threshold and improves the bloodstream.

Reasons for making sciatica acupuncture

Usually acupuncture for sciatica is applied to reduce the symptoms of a plethora of illnesses and disorders, such as:

  • queasiness and retching caused by chemotherapy (postoperative period);
  • toothache;
  • fibromyalgia;
  • neck ache;
  • different types of headaches as well as migraines and mental/emotional strain;
  • pain during labor;
  • ache in the small of the back;
  • osteoarthritis;
  • menstrual spasms.

Sciatica and acupuncture factors of danger 

You are not at risk of being affected by acupuncture for sciatica if you are examined by a qualified and competent health care provider. However, there some issues that can influence your physical state, including:

  • extreme sensitivity;
  • organ traumas and damage;
  • different types of inflammation and infections;
  • cardiovascular conditions;
  • pacemaker’s experiencing;
  • pregnancy.

Acupuncture for sciatica pain treatment

Acupuncture for sciatica treatment or ‘therapy according to the lifestyle’ is one of the most spread interpretations of traditional Chinese medicine. This technique is believed to be one of the most ancient ways of curing and healing since 2500 BC. Can you imagine how old it is? Technically, acupuncture for sciatica nerve works due to the influence on some specific dots along the patient’s body with a special device. In fact, the disease is perceived as a result of energy disbalance in the organism. The process of rebalancing needs the excitation of sciatica and acupuncture areas, that is achieved by inserting the needles through some particular points of your body. There is a variety of technologies that can be used while this procedure, for example:

  • electric  impulsion;
  • laser therapy;
  • hot, vacuum or artemisia massage.

Sciatica acupuncture benefits 

Not everyone may know that in Korea, Japan, China and other Asian countries acupuncture for sciatica pain is an essential part during the recovery period. Asian specialists reckon that this therapy is useful as a kind of rehabilitation in various cases, such as:

  • surgery;
  • divers types of fractures and luxations;
  • long-term illnesses;
  • general body state improvement, both mental and physical.

Does acupuncture work for sciatica?

As it was said before, sciatic acupuncture is an effective way to treat various diseases, sciatic is not an exception. Moreover, it can be used as a painkiller for a vivid variety of conditions, like:

  • Headaches and migraines;
  • Nausea;
  • Ache in the muscles, some areas of the corpus or joints due to the aging or being injured;
  • Experiencing goosebumps;
  • limb swelling;
  • rheumatic disorders;
  • Stroke and heart attacks;
  • Illnesses of the nervous system;
  • Pain in some parts of the body, including stomach;
  • Allergic reactions and asthma.

Eventually, acupuncture for sciatica is beneficial in quitting smoking, getting rid of sleeplessness, obesity, stress and depression. 

FAQ about Acupuncture for sciatica

How many acupuncture treatments are needed for sciatica?

There are many biologically active points on the human body, acting on which you can improve the patient’s health. During the acupuncture procedure, medical needles are inserted into these places at a certain angle —  very thin. It regenerates tissues and affects both internal organs and the body systems that regulate its work. This method of treating diseases appeared in China a very long time ago, before our era. The procedure has no side effects, since the impact on the points activates the production of substances by the body, with the help of which it independently fights diseases.

Acupuncture for sciatica  is an ideal choice for relieving pain in 1-2 sessions. The absence of pain sets the patient up in an optimistic mood and helps relieve stress and fatigue. Relief of pinching pain and numbness with acupuncture not only blocks pain signals from the body, but reduces swelling and restores sensitivity.

What is better for sciatica: acupuncture or chiropractor?

Acupuncture or reflexology is the Chinese method of influencing the human body at biologically active points. In this case, a multistep reflex reaction occurs, during which the body recovers itself.

This method is capable of exerting a powerful effect on the entire body as a whole, launching the protective reserves of a person, normalizing hormonal levels, metabolic processes, increasing immunity, and providing a calming and relaxing effect.

Manual therapy can only be performed by a certified physician who, in addition to his main specialization, has mastered the method of manual therapy. The chiropractor acts on the articular and cartilaginous tissue with precise movements. In this case, the doctor will definitely conduct the necessary examination before starting direct treatment. Manual therapy is a very complex system of knowledge and skills, and an experienced doctor always individually approaches the choice of certain techniques in relation to the patient.

How do you permanently cure sciatica?

Today, there are techniques that allow you to get rid of ischias forever. True, it will take time to heal:

  • Effective sciatica treatment begins with medication to relieve acute pain.
  • A massage course will prepare the body for a deeper impact by other methods.
  • Physiotherapy procedures are aimed at final pain relief, relieving muscle spasm, relaxing the body, normalizing metabolic processes in the affected area and improving blood flow.
  • Manual therapy will remove existing articular blocks, muscle spasm, and return the spine to its normal anatomical position.
  • Acupuncture will consolidate the result, normalize neurological reactions, and improve overall health.
  • Remedial gymnastics will not only strengthen the muscles of the back, but is also an excellent preventive method.

If you have already encountered a disease such as sciatica, treatment should be started immediately, contact only professionals with sufficient qualifications and experience.

What should I avoid if I have sciatica?

Prevention of inflammation of the sciatic nerve consists in timely treatment in the initial stages of the disease. After suffering sciatica, all measures are aimed at preventing relapse. Patients are advised to avoid hypothermia: do not sit on a cold surface, do not swim in cold water, and wear warm underwear in winter. It is advisable to carry out a gradual hardening of the body, regularly perform a complex of exercise therapy.

Patients who are prone to frequent respiratory illnesses should not tolerate them on their feet. You should also avoid strenuous physical activity whenever possible. With sciatica, which is based on congenital changes in the spine or its acquired curvature, it is recommended to wear a fixing corset.It is also important to maintain a healthy weight, since obesity is a common cause of pinching of the sciatic nerve.