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Acupuncture for neuropathy

Acupuncture is not a new breakthrough in modern curing. It is a part of Chinese folk medicine. The Chinese believe that it provides the ability to balance the qi energy that flows through the body. This equilibrium maintains healing properties to the whole organism. Specialists insert thin needles into the skin touching the nerves. The ache signal reaches the brain and the body directs all its efforts to relieve ache, as a result, blood circulation improves. People use acupuncture for neuropathy as an alternative treatment. This method is reliable given the testing for centuries with a sufficient number of patients.

Can acupuncture help neuropathy?

Usually, the application of needles is necessary for curing headaches, back and muscle pain, as well as symptoms such as diarrhea, inflammation, constipation, and unpleasant feelings in joints. However, the usage of acupuncture for nerve damage is spread too during the last time. We can simply explain it by remembering the fact needles affect nerves directly. The benefit is that there is a release of endorphins into the body. These are natural analgesics. 

There is a question about the efficiency of acupuncture for peripheral neuropathy that means a broken connection of the central nervous system with the organs due to nerve damage. As scientific experiments show, a certain positive effect exists, but it still needed to explore these promising results for understanding and making treatment better. Anyway, acupuncture and neuropathy are two concepts that create a good connection, at least acupuncture will not worsen the condition if a specialist performs the procedure correctly. The main task is the elimination of discomfort and providing satisfaction thanks to well-being. 

Some risks of acupuncture for neuropathy 

That is evidence that not too pleasant side effects may appear from acupuncture for nerve pain. Fortunately, they are only temporary and don’t pose a particular danger, but everyone should be aware of the likelihood of unsatisfactory indications. We can point out some of them:

  • bruises and pain. Light bleeding and marks after punctures are the normal reaction because acupuncture for peripheral neuropathy injures the skin;
  • wound and infections. These factors are not common, they appear by unright procedure when needles go too deep into the skin. If a doctor violates the technique of inserting a needle and doesn’t sterilize items, outside bacteria or even viruses can get inside;
  • Acupuncture for neuropathic pain can cause early childbirth if a woman is pregnant;
  • Exacerbation of heart diseases. If a patient has a pacemaker and a specialist uses electrical impulses on the needles in parallel, it can negatively influence the work of the device. 

Therefore, trust your health only to people with proven qualifications in the area of acupuncture and neuropathy as in Advanced Medical Care. Acupuncture for nerve pain is a perfect method of curing, however only in the cases of true providing of the procedure. The main thing to remember is to consult a doctor, taking into account existing diseases so as not to harm accidentally. It is better to reinsure and calculate all possible options.