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Acupuncture for allergies

Can acupuncture help allergies?

Acupuncture for allergies is the most effective method for restoring this form of disorder in the form of inadequate hypersensitivity of the immune system to any external stimuli. The organism, in response to the body's attack by specific proteins, begins to produce antibodies, over-activating the body's defenses, which leads to various reactions. If you can somehow cope with a runny nose and shortness of breath, then, for example, Quincke's edema can be fatal. Acupuncture is currently the most popular therapy because of its high efficiency.

Acupuncture is not addictive and painless. The doctors use sterile needles supplied by special order from Korea for injections. As a rule, the needles can be of different sizes, taking into account the needs of each patient. Scientists have found that acupuncture allergies gives the greatest percentage of recovery compared to other types of therapy.

Acupuncture and allergies

Allergy is the most spread disease, affecting more than 52% of the world's population. Professionals of Advanced Medical Care use acupuncture for allergies as the most successful treatment to get rid of this condition.

Allergic reactions can occur due to completely different factors:

  • dust;
  • animal wool;
  • medications;
  • climate;
  • temperature changes;
  • air;
  • water;
  • some types of products;
  • plants.

The illness can manifest itself as itching, rashes, or redness on the skin. In some cases, there can be more serious and dangerous symptoms, such as laryngeal edema, anaphylactic shock, and even coma. 

Features of acupuncture allergies

This methodology radically changes conservative medical ideas not only about the curement of this disease, but also its origin. It is necessary to know that Chinese acupuncture doesn’t cure a specific organ or eliminate a symptom, but rather affects the entire body, changing its functioning. 

According to ancient Chinese medical practice, the concept of the body's functioning system is based on the principle of its similarity to the cosmogonic structure and existence in accordance with five elements. For any pathological manifestation, it is obligatory to let the body recover on its own, for which acupuncture treatment for allergies is used.

The process of treatment lies directing the movement of energy along the meridians by introducing an acupuncture needle into bioactive points. In a state of allergy, the human immune system suffers primarily. According to the ancient Chinese medical theory, the spleen, liver, and kidneys are responsible for the immune system, which are involved in heating, cleansing and ventilating the body. 

Acupuncture as the way of treating asthma 

One of the diseases that acupuncture successfully treats is asthma. It is quite possible to relieve an asthmatic attack with acupuncture for allergies and moxibustion. A certain combination of points regulates the filling or emptying of Yin or Yang energy, depending on the patient's:

  • age;
  • body state;
  • degree and complexity of the illness. 

For acupuncture and allergies such as asthma, bioactive points are used to tone or relax the bronchoalveolar tissue. Depending on the nature of the asthmatic complex, the management of energetic components of the internal organs helps reduce humidity during sputum discharge, or, to relieve fever with dry bronchospasm. 

According to Chinese acupuncturists, there are almost as many diagnostic combinations of bronchial asthma symptoms as the patients themselves. The course of therapy in Advanced Medical Care is individual for each patient, so the acupuncture card is personalized.