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Acupuncture for carpal tunnel syndrome

The carpal tunnel is a narrow tunnel within the wrist that secures your middle nerve (the nerve that runs from the forearm to the palm) and other tissues. The median nerve permits you to feel the primary four fingers. 

Carpal tunnel disorder could be a neurological clutter in which tissues within the carpal tunnel of the wrist swell and compress the middle nerve. It can lead to pain or numbness within the arm. A few individuals have a small carpal tunnel, which makes them more inclined to have acupuncture for carpal tunnel syndrome treatment.

Causes of carpal tunnel syndrome

Here are some determinants that can cause tissue edema in the carpal canal when acupuncture for carpal tunnel treatment needed:

  • Frequent monotonous movements of the wrists or prolonged stress on them;
  • performing manipulations using the hands that require effort;
  • tumor;
  • acupuncture for carpal tunnel during pregnancy;
  • sprains or other injuries of the wrist;
  • lack of vitamin B6 in your diet;

Diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome

Your specialist will diagnose acupuncture for carpal tunnel symptoms by:

  • studying your medical history;
  • conducting a medical examination;
  • prescribing studies designed to test your muscles and nerves. 

These examinations are called nerve conduction studies and electromyography. If you need to do these analyses for acupuncture for carpal tunnel symptoms, your doctor will tell you.

Acupuncture for carpal tunnel therapy

The aim of acupuncture for carpal tunnel syndrome is to reduce stress on the center nerve so that your arm desires to sense superordinate. The form of action you get will depend on the designation and seriousness of your syndrome. One of the objectives of defined acupuncture for carpal tunnel during pregnancy treatment is connected to differentiate the cause of the growth of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Patients occasionally select acupuncture for carpal tunnel syndrome or consequent treatment to control the syndrome. Acupuncture practice needles to pierce the epidermis and arouse acupuncture points on the body.

Acupuncture for carpal tunnel, does it work?

These treatment aims lie on the meridian, which is analyzed to be the pathway for strength to travel over the body. Acupuncture for carpal tunnel treatment makes use of several ways to excite acupuncture aims. For instance, laser acupuncture employs lasers as an alternative to needles.

Acupuncture for carpal tunnel syndrome treatment, especially electroacupuncture, has been shown to significantly reduce the symptoms of mild to moderate pain in carpal tunnel syndrome.

According to the researchers, acupuncture for carpal tunnel syndrome procedure leads to increased fluid circulation and increased oxygen amount to the damaged muscle tissue, which leads to pain relief and increased muscle strength, thus speeding up the recovery process.

The acupuncture for carpal tunnel technique is quite effective in relieving pain by increasing blood circulation at the point where the needle is inserted, and it also helps release hormones that have a pain-relieving effect.