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Acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture treatment or ‘Treatments according to points of life’ is one of the areas of traditional Chinese medicine which is one of the oldest methods of treatment, it began to develop around 2500 BC. From a technical point of view, its essence consists of the impact on special points on the human body with a special instrument. Its main meaning lies in the perception of illness as a consequence of an imbalance of energy in the body. The balance restores by stimulation of acupuncture points, which performs by injecting thin needles into specific points of the body; you can use electrical impulses, laser, heated dry wormwood or vacuum massage. It’s interesting to know that in China, Korea and Japan, acupuncture treatments are an integral part of rehabilitation programs. They are useful for recovery after surgery, fractures and dislocations, for the treatment of numerous chronic diseases, as well as for maintaining the general tone of the body.

Thanks to numerous studies of acupuncturists from New York, it is becoming more popular and now it’s quite hard to find a top-rated Acupuncturist here. Only a person with a medical education, who has undergone long-term training in acupuncture, may provide truly high-quality assistance. Acupuncturists from Advanced Medical Care in Queens, NY, did their best to study this institute of health. 

Why is acupuncture so useful and what acupuncturist from New York cures?

As this Chinese method may act as an analgesic, so it uses for:

There were no side effects or negative reactions to acupuncture; it goes well with the procedures of classical American medicine. But there are some  contraindications: acute infectious diseases and fever, pregnancy, organ injury, the presence of pacemaker or blood diseases.

Why is it better to choose acupuncture in Queens, NY?

New York’s Acupuncturists offer various types of reflexology, manual therapy and massage, which provides only after a final diagnosis and study of all possible contraindications. The combinations of acupuncture points select individually for each patient, as well as the duration of the course. Re-treatment can only be recommended after a certain period of time. For the patient, each procedure does not differ much from the previous one: before the session, the doctor conducts diagnostics, according to it, he places sterile needles in the required number and order (if necessary, he can additionally warm up or massage individual points) and leaves it alone for twenty to thirty minutes. This method of body’s natural healing has received official recognition from the world scientific community. The cost of acupuncture treatment in New York depends on the disease you came with, if you take into account how much money you spent on doctors, painkillers and other pills, then this procedure will cost almost nothing.

✅ How can I make a same-day appointment with an Acupuncturist in New York❓

To make a same-day appointment with an acupuncturist from Queens, NY you may go to the Medical Center by the address 101-24 Queens Blvd., Suite A, Forest Hills, NY 11375 or 1117 Brighton Beach Avenue 2nd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11235. The receptionist will meet you at the entrance and help direct you to the right doctor

✅ How can I book an appointment online with an Acupuncturist in New York❓

If you don’t have enough time or live in other states you may book an appointment online, just go to their website where you can fill the appointment request form. The appointment scheduler will respond to you after he agrees to the time with the attending physician.

✅ How can I find a top-rated Acupuncturist in New York❓

The use of acupuncture gives good results in diseases but the success of its application depends, first of all, on the doctor’s qualifications. That is why the level of the medical institution is very important. The Advanced Medical Care Clinic specializes in the treatment and diagnosis of diseases according to the principles of Chinese medicine.